Association Dues

Membership in the association transfers with the title of property ownership in the neighborhood.  Legally obligated annual dues and opt-in security service fees are collected each April (the beginning of the fiscal year) to fund various neighborhood initiatives. Deed-based dues vary by lot size, while private security fees are calculated at a fixed rate per household. 
Our homes association contracts with the Homes Associations of Kansas City, Inc. (HA-KC) to perform accounting and administrative requirements. Realtors, homeowners and title companies needing address specific information can contact the Homes Associations of Kansas City through their website or by using the Contact Us feature on this site.  Their phone number is (913) 385-2440.
Annual dues statements are mailed via the USPS at the beginning of each fiscal year. Invoices are due 30 days after the initial mailing. Payments can be made by check using the return envelope included in the dues mailing, by calling HAKC and paying by credit card over the phone, or through the online portal at the Homes Association site.
A series of reminders and follow-up invoices for unpaid balances (plus interest accruals) are sent for three billing cycles (see schedule below). Unpaid invoices after 90 days are subject to property liens assessments and penalties. 
Late March
Invoices mailed to each homeowner.
Payments due April 30
Mid May
Courtesy reminder mailed for outstanding payments (plus interest accruals).
Mid June
Courtesy reminder mailed for outstanding payments (plus interest accruals), along with a letter from the treasurer outlining payment policy and a reminder of property lien assessment process for outstanding balances.
Mid July
Final notice mailed.
15th day of August 
Liens assessed for outstanding association dues. A lien service fee of $100 will be added to outstanding balances.