Beautiful Homes Guidelines

Romanelli West  Beautiful Homes Guidelines

Romanelli West Board of Directors, in response to membership’s direction, created the Romanelli West Renaissance Initiative in 2015, which works to ensure that housing values remain strong relative to other Ward Parkway neighborhoods. The initiative seeks to enhance the beauty of the neighborhood and the marketability of single-family homes through:
·       preservation of Romanelli West’s unique statuary
·       landscaping to beautify and maintain islands and street end caps
·       articulation of neighborhood maintenance guidelines and oversight relative to city codes, standards and deed restrictions
Deed restrictions from developer JC Nichols, written from 1946 – 1951, provide the legal requirements for property development and use. Deed restrictions are binding for each Romanelli West property and are extremely difficult to amend or change. City of Kansas City Missouri codes provide legal requirements for property maintenance and use.
To augment binding deed restrictions and city codes, the Board of Directors has created and adopted guiding principles to encourage regular maintenance and upkeep of Romanelli West homes. These guiding principles provide a vision for our neighborhood. and along with legally binding deed restrictions and city codes, encourage well maintained residences.  They are designed to “fill in the gaps” between deed restrictions and current city codes.