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Plats, Restrictions, Guidelines

Beautiful Homes Guidelines  (pdf document, 5 pages)
Romanelli West Homes Association includes the Meyer Circle and Romanelli West subdivisions. Since Romanelli West was platted and developed at different times, there are 8 sets of restrictions with mostly minor changes as to content.
See the 'Building Restrictions' topic under the KC Government section to access city ordinances that pertain to our neighborhood. For information about requesting approvals for improvements that are prohibited or restricted by the Restrictions, contact a board member or use the Contact Us feature to the left.
Reference Matrix for Legal Documents.  Here are Restrictions, followed by the Plat, for each area:

64th Terrace(Meyer Circle Block 11, Lots 10-19 & Block 12, Lots 11-18) Restrictions are not available. Here is PLAT

65th Street(Meyer Circle Block 12, Lots 1-10 & Block 13, Lots 9-14)  Restrictions  Here is PLAT

66th Street(Meyer Circle Block 13, Lots 1-8 & Block 14, Lots 1-7) Restrictions are not available. Here is PLAT

66th Terrace and N. side of 67th Street (Meyer Circle Block 14, Lots 8-15 & Block 15, Lots 1-8 & 9-16) Restrictions Here is PLAT

South side of 67th Street and 67th Terrace (RW Block 9, Lots 17-28 & 1-16, Block 8, Lots 15-30)   Restrictions    Here is PLAT

Wyoming and State Line, 67th to 66th (Block 16, Lots 1-10) Restrictions  Here is PLAT

68th Terrace and 69th Street(RW Block 8, Lots 1-14, Block 7, Lots 1-28, Block 6, Lots 12-24)  Restrictions --Here is PLAT

Arno and 69th Terrace (RW Block 6, Lots 1-11, Block 5, Lots 1-23, Block 4, Lots 19-30  See restrictions for Romany Road, etc. below (Declaration dated 11/19/1948 added these blocks/lots to the original declaration below)--Here is PLAT

Romany Road, 70th Street, 70th Terrace & Gregory (RW South 1/2 of Block 4, Lots 1-18,Block 3, Lots 1-36, Block 2, Lots 1-36 & Block 1, Lots 1-35) Restrictions (Adobe Acrobat file, retyped from photostat).
Here is PLAT
Kansas City's Parcel Viewer displays information about ownership and  parcel size for the entire city.